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      Maxxis Tyres in store now!

      Maxxis Tyres in store now!

      At Off Road Bikes Online (ORBO) we believe in a limited and curated range for all products we do. Maxxis tyres are an obvious choice for your off road bike - mountain, gravel or cyclocross. 

      Some of the complete Revel bikes will be shod with Maxxis rubber, so we are introducing the mountain bike range to our online store first. We will be stocking the Assegai, Minion, Dissector, Aggressor and Rekon to begin with, with more tyres to be added over time.

      Maxxis Assegai tyre Off Road Bikes Online ORBO

      Check out the range here.

      Why Formula brakes and forks?

      Formula forks brakes Off Road Bikes Online ORBO Australia New Zealand

      Formula may not be the first brand that springs to mind when thinking of mountain bike suspension and brakes, but at Off Road Bikes Online (ORBO) we have become big fans, and wanted to share some of our experiences after riding the equipment for several years. At ORBO we stock what we ride, and carefully select the range on the store.

      Check out the full range of Formula on our store here. In addition to the forks and disc brakes, we also stock rotors, adapters, brake pads, and the awesome NEO POS and CTS systems.

      First off, disc brakes. Formula brakes have been around for a long time, and the Cura was an all new design, even using mineral oil as a first for Formula. In the redesign, Formula have created an amazing brake that really performs overall, but there are a couple of real standout points.

      Formula Cura Brakes Off Road Bikes Online ORBO Australia

      Modulation - we think the Cura 4 brake in particular delivers class leading modulation, on the level with the SRAM Code. This is partially due to the dual piston construction in the caliper. Power comes on gradually, and in a linear fashion. The standard Cura is a little more on/ off than the 4, and is more similar to Shimano brakes.

      Power - Both the Cura 4 and the Cura have massive amounts of power available on tap. In our experience they both match the class leader - Shimano Saint. We have been using them on our downhill bikes as well - and use rotor size to manage power. For reference we are running 180mm rotors on enduro and XC bikes, and occasionally a 203mm front. Downhill bikes are running 203mm rotors in general and occasionally 220mm rotors.

      Formula Cura 220mm rotor Off Road Bikes Online ORBO Australia

      Value - just check out the price and make your own assessment. We think for class leading performance, the price is crazy - this is genuine entry level to mid range pricing. You can save yourself a small fortune and not sacrifice performance.

      Reliability and maintenance - SRAM bleed kits will work with Formula brakes, and they are very easy to work on and bleed. So far with over three years of use on many brake sets, we haven't had any reliability issues at all, which is a great relief. Some of the Formula brakes in the past had issues after one year - the Cura looks like these problems are solved.

      For suspension, we are focusing on the Formula Selva but also have experience with the Nero. The Selva is Formula's BOOST fork suitable for everything from trail to Enduro mountain biking.  

      Formula Selva forks Off Road Bikes Online ORBO Australia

      Adjustment - Formula have allowed for all sorts of tinkering with their suspension. Firstly, travel is easily adjustable from 120 to 160mm travel. The awesome NEO POS system allows you to change how your fork feels just by dropping them into the fork (NEO POS may also work with other forks). The Compression Tuning System (CTS) allow you to easily change the compression tune by changing the cartridge - and the difference is noticeable! And lastly, the dials for rebound and compression look good enough for a nice Italian espresso machine!

      Feel - all this adjustment is only useful if the feel is great, and boy does it deliver. We still remember the first time we rode the fork - every rough section we rode we had to check if the front tyre was flat, the suspension was working that well. We think most of this is due to the Internal Floating Technology (IFT), which allows the piston to move freely even with side or torsional loading.

      Looks - you can judge on that, but we love the looks of the fork, and the dials really are impressive.

      Formula Selva Pole Bicycles Off Road Bikes Online ORBO Australia

      If you are in the market for a fork or a set of disc brakes, we really believe Formula is worth checking out - as another benefit your bike will look even more unique! 

      Check out the full range of Formula on our store here. In addition to the forks and disc brakes, we also stock rotors, adapters, brake pads, and the awesome NEO POS and CTS systems.

      Meet an Off Roader - Dave

      Meet an Off Roader - Dave

      We are passionate riders here at Off Road Bikes Online (ORBO), and we wanted to share some of the stories from our customers and friends. Dave was the first Sedona Red Revel Rascal owner in Australia, so we had to interview him to get to know him and his awesome bike a little better.

      Get in touch with us now if you have any questions, or hit up the store to get your hands on one!

      Tell us about yourself

      I've been riding mountain bikes since the early 90's when anodised Velocity rims, Rock Shox Quadra 21r's, 1.95" tyres and bar ends were cool. Over the years I developed a passion for Yeti bikes and have owned 4 of them, before deciding on a change of direction and pulling the trigger on a Rascal. Mountain bikes have provided me the opportunity to travel throughout Australia, Nepal, New Zealand and South America. Along the way I have met some rad people who all share the love of riding mountain bikes. However, during these crazy times we now find ourselves unable to travel which also had a big influence on purchasing a Rascal. I currently live in Darwin in the Northern Territory with my wife and 3 children. I generally ride 2-3 times a week with a group of mates, called the Darwin Downhillers. Anyone who knows Darwin will understand the piss take behind the name.

      What off road riding do you do?

      Mainly trail and the Trans NZ a couple of times.

      Revel Rascal Off Road Bikes Online ORBO Australia

      Why Revel Bikes?

      I did plenty of reading and narrowed the choice down to between a Rascal and a Norco Optic. COVID-19 played a small part in the decision as I needed a bike for a trip to Alice Springs in August and couldn't get an Optic. After plenty more reading and research the Rascal stood out more and more as the bike most suited to my style of riding. The CBF suspension also looked good. Having been a Yeti owner for years, Revel's Colorado background appealed to me as I like the way they do business and also liked the background of the people behind Revel.

      I also like straying away from mainstream bikes. It's nice to have something that is unique to your local trails.

      I was also super impressed by the service provided by ORBO. Thanks heaps!

      Tell us about your new mountain bike.

      Full custom build:

      XT Groupset + trail brakes

      Bike Yoke dropper

      Deity cockpit

      DT Swiss EM 481 wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs

      Rock Shox Lyric Ultimate 150mm

      SQ Labs saddle

      Have done 4 rides so far, but love the playfull feel of the bike. It climbs brilliantly and descends like a rocket. A week of riding and playing with suspension settings in Alice Springs will give me a much better idea of what the Rascal is capable of.

      Any exciting off road plans coming up?

      The Darwin Downhillers will be hitting the road late in August for a week of riding in Alice Springs. 


      Get in touch with us now if you have any questions, or hit up the store to get your hands on one!

      Revel Bikes now shipping to Malaysia and New Zealand through Off Road Bikes Online!

      Revel Bikes now shipping to Malaysia and New Zealand through Off Road Bikes Online!

      Off Road Bikes Online (ORBO) is now able to ship Revel Bikes and other selected products to Malaysia and New Zealand! At ORBO all we do is off road, and we are stoked to be able to bring our carefully selected range of mountain bike, gravel, cyclocross and back packing products to a whole new group of riders.

      Pricing is available in local currency - use the dropdown menu on the top banner to select NZD or MYR.

      Currency Malaysia New Zealand Off Road Bikes Online ORBO

      Shipping information can be found here or through the checkout.

      And as usual, if you have any questions hit us up!



      Revel Bikes CBF Suspension explained

      Revel Bikes CBF Suspension explained

      We fell in love with CBF mountain bike suspension the first time we rode - and there is nothing better named for the Australian and New Zealand markets!

      We came across this video which shows the key aspects of the suspension design.

       Dont forget to check out the range here!

      What Onyx Racing Hubs will do for your bike!

      What Onyx Racing Hubs will do for your bike!

      At ORBO we get questions about the Onyx Racing Hubs regularly, and we thought it might be helpful to list down what these hubs can do for your mountain bike, gravel bike, cyclocross or bikepacking bike in Australia.

      Instant engagement. Onyx Racing hubs have near instant engagement. The benefits of this are much less time and movement in getting the power down - a real help in technical pedaling sections (common in all off roading - mountain bike, gravel and bikepacking). But lots of people want to understand what the impact instant engagement has on suspension action. This is where "softness" comes in.

      onyx racing hubs off road bikes online orbo australia

      Softness. There is a tiny, barely noticeable amount of rotation required to load the sprags in the clutch. Whilst its probably less than one degree of rotation before the sprags are fully loaded, the nature of camming devices and gradually loading the sprags means the “catch” of the freehub feels soft. There’s no hard on/off stop like when a pawl freehub engages. At Off Road Bikes Online (ORBO) we love the soft, near-instant feeling when we begin to pedal. It makes our bike feel different and better than compared to using standard hubs. This softness also reduces the impact on suspension performance and we haven't noticed any impact on the suspension action on any bikes - from the reviews on the internet it seems most people feel the same.

      onyx racing hubs off road bikes online orbo australia

      Silence. The sprag clutch on the Onyx Racing hubs means when you coast, there is no sound - none! This is a real benefit when bike packing or gravel riding, but also adds a new dimension to mountain biking.  You are left to hear the sound of the wind, trees, birds and of course the satisfying sound of tyres on dirt

      Bearings. Onyx hubs use hybrid ceramic bearings throughout. Most cartridge bearing are steel. Ceramic bearings are much harder than steel, and they can be made rounder than steel bearings, and they therefore have lower rolling resistance.

      onyx racing hubs off road bikes online orbo australia

      Onyx hubs are designed to be easily serviced and adjusted by a mechanic – so the hubs can be passed from bike, to bike, to bike for decades! That way you can use them on your gravel bike today, and your mountain bike in 2030! 

      Check out the range of hubs here.